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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

SIDEWAYS and the Generation Gap

It's sad, but at 38, I am the second oldest person in my department at work (the oldest co-worker is only 2 years older than I am). The rest of my co-workers are in their early 20's.

I overheard two such co-workers today discussing the movie "Sideways" - starring Paul Giamatti (nominated for an Oscar) as Miles and Thomas Haden Church as Jack, with Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh. The movie is about two friends who are going on a wine tasting vacation before one of them (Jack) gets married. Miles is a school teacher who is still depressed over his divorce and trying to get his novel published. Jack is out to try this wine-tasting "thing" while getting his rocks off before tying the knot. The movie is about each of these characters (especially Miles) and how they are dealing with the isues in their lives. A very funny and thoughtful movie.

Anyway, one of the dudes said, "'Sideways', I heard that was good." The other said that he saw it, and though it sucked. When asked to describe it, he said "These two guys go on this bachelor party trip, and the guy getting married fucks a couple of chicks and then gets married. It was boring."

I just shook my head. Both these "kids" (god that makes me feel old saying that) are smart. The "reviewer" is married, and has a little girl. He is of the video-game generation, and usually talks about nothing else (as do most of the "kids" in my dept.) He doesn't have any of the traditional higher-education (four years of college). He started at my company out of high-school. He is making good money and has never seen unemployment. (And it is the same with the rest of the "kids".) Did I mention that all the "kids" are Republicans?

So I don't know whether it is the life-experience that I have (I have been divorced twice), or my "liberal-arts" ecucation, but I just again have to shake my head. When I was that age, I was a "geek", but I could appreciate a movie like "Sideways". Why can't they?


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