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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Did You Remember?

Memorial Day is over. Did you remember to mourn for the dead, both of this war and of past wars. Did you remember to think good thoughts for our troops who are fighting the unnecessary war in Iraq?

For those of you "Support Our Troops" car-magnet people out there, here is something you can really do to support our troops. Give some money to Army Emergency Relief. The AER funds are made available to commanders to provide emergency financial assistance to soldiers - active & retired - and their dependents when there is a valid need. The AER is a private, non-profit organization - your $$ wont be going to George Bush and his cronys.

This is truly helping to support our troops. So rip that fucking car-magnet ribbon off your SUV and write the AER a check! I gave $100 last Christmas, and I am going to give another $100 soon.

If you are interested in the relief organizations for the other branches, here they are:

The Air Force Aid Society

Navy - Marine Corps Relief Society

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance


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