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Friday, August 12, 2005

First Freeroll

(Note: I am writing this for my millions of readers on G-neek 4 in the Horse's Ass Nebula. People who play poker here on Earth shouldn't bother to read the following, except for the note at the end.)

I played my first bar freeroll tournament last Wednesday night at the Rockyard brewpup in Castle Rock. Joining me were Chris and Todd. It was only my second time playing hold 'em live. There were about 40 people playing. Todd and I had placed our names in early. Chris put his name in when he showed up at the bar, so he had to wait for an opening as an alternate.

Apparently it was D-cup night at the Rockyard. I counted at least 5 women (playing and not playing) who were showing off their huge boobs in low-cut tops with push-up bras. The best rack belonged to a player at another table, who Chris dubbed Tit-tania.

I only remember three hands. The first one was very early on. I got quad 5s on the river, but didn't have to show my hand. Man I wish I could have showed that hand (though the proper call was not to.)

The second hand was a stupid mistake I made. I had the Hilton Sisters and ended up heads-up before the flop. The flop came up A-x-x, and I stupidly called the guy's all-in bet (which took about half my stack.) The dude had Ax and went on to win the pot. I KNOW I should have folded when I saw the ace in the flop - but being only my second time playing in the presence of people, I wasn't thinking.

The third hand was the one I busted out on. I held the Big Slick offsuit (A-K). The dude Up-The-Gut called all-in for about $600 and I matched, thinking it would just be us two contesting the pot. Then the chip-leader called us both all in. I should have folded. The original all-in dude showed A6o and the chip-leader showed AA. If the last guy hadn't put all in, I would have been a 74%-26% favorite to win. Instead, the AA were a 87% favorite to win, which indeed happened. I ended up in 16th place.

Obviously I have a lot to learn. I need to relax more so I can make better decisions. I also need to learn to watch the chips as they enter the pot, so I know how much is in the pot. Obviously things I don't think about when I am playing at Party Poker. The tournament was fun. Todd and I are going to be doing more of them. After all, we gotta practice for Vegas.


On my first smoke-break today, I saw four of my female co-workers chatting and smoking - two married, one divorced, and one lesbian. I thought to my self, "It would be cool to see them all naked and lovin' each other. Well, all of them but the lesbian..."


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