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Friday, December 23, 2005

It's HAMMER Time

Doom doo-doo doot doo-doot doo-doot "U Can't Touch This"

Wednesday, Da Pickl and I were playing the freeroll tourney at the Rockyard Brewery in Castle Rock. There were about 50 people playing that night. After getting reduced down from T700 to T200 in a hand where I my QQ lost to a set of Jacks, I was in a position where I needed to go all in and win, or get knocked out. After a few hands where I got nothing to work with, I looked down and found 72 off-suit. It was time to drop The HAMMER!

The Hammer (image from 7and2offsuit.comPosted by Picasa

The HAMMER was coined from poker blogger Grubby's home game, and is used by all the poker bloggers. Here is the story behind it. This is the first time I tried it.

I went all-in when it came my turn. There were two callers - one of them also went it all-in to create a tiny side pot. When I turned over my cards, I got the usual reaction of "ooh - what?". The flop came with a 7 and two cards that didn't help anyone. I ended up winning the hand with a big smile on my face after saying "HAMMER!" Da Pickl says to me across the table "You've been waiting for that hand, haven't you?" To which I say, with a grin on my face, "Yup."

After a couple more lucky all-ins I made it to the final table, only to bust out right away with my tiny stack. Da Pickl was the chip leader. I happened to sit behind him on a bar stool while he continued to play. Occasionally I could see his hand when he looked at it. He had lost a bunch of chips when the dude sitting next to him goaded him into calling a large pot. I should have said "Don't do it!". Anyway, a couple of hands later, I look down when he looks at his cards and see that he has 72 off-suit. I think to myself, "Do it dude! Drop the Hammer!" Sure enough, he went all in. One guy called him and Da Pickl flipped his cards. "WHOOOOA!' was the reaction at the table. I yelled out "HAMMER!!!" The flop came with a 7 and there was a 2 on the turn. He crippled the other guy.

Da Pickl went on to get 2nd place in the tournament, going all-in with his pocket 10s only to lose to pocket Aces. He won $15 off of the bar tab. W00T!


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