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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Good Thing To Do (and other ramblings...)

The Suckout On Leukemia tournament is being held on Full Tilt Poker February 26th. These are the details:

What: Suckout on Luekemia
When: Sun, Feb 26th @ 17:00
How Much: $10 + 16
Password: playforjill

$15 of the 16 dollar fee will go to help pay for medical costs. The last I saw, Eric Seidel will be playing, and they hope to pull in more pros as the tournament approaches. You can find more information HERE. It is for a good cause. Sign up and play!

I used this tournament as an opportunity to deposit some money into Full Tilt again. I had initially signed up to play there because they were holding some Katrina Relief tournaments, and I wanted to help out. I never did clear my deposit bonus, and now I can't because too much time has passed.

I have been wanting to give some of their tournaments a try and really give the software a test drive. I picked a couple of $4+40 tourneys. The first thing I noticed is how different the structure is from your typical Poker Stars MTTs. Instead of 15 minute rounds starting at 10/20 and going to 15/30, 25/50, 50/100, 75/150, etc. that Poker Stars has, Full Tilt has 10 minute blinds with smaller increases (15/30, 20/40, 25/50, 30/60, 40/80, etc.) The difference is going to take some getting used to for me. I haven't made my mind up yet whether I like Full Tilt's structure, hate it, or am indifferent.

I kind of hope I at least adapt, as it may well be the deciding factor on whether I buy a Mac or a PC when I buy a laptop. Full Tilt just came out with Mac software, and one of my criteria for buying a laptop is that I can play poker on it when I am not at home. If I find I like to play on Full Tilt (or Poker Stars comes out with a Mac version of their software) I will go with the Mac. If not, I am stuck with a crappy Windows laptop.

I got an interesting suprise Saturday. An old girlfriend, Joyce, who I was seeing long distance from Philadeplhia about a year or so ago called me right out of the blue (I let it go to voicemail, as I was in the middle of a Mammoth game outing.) I haven't talked to her since she told me to never call her again (a result of me jokingly calling her crazy.) I was going to call her back today until I realized that today is St. Valentine's Day. I'll call her tomorrow.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, any man who buys his sig other flowers or takes her out to dinner or anything else because he is EXPECTED TO is a pussy. You should be doing stuff throughout the year. Also, any woman who EXPECTS you to buy flowers on Valentine's Day is more trouble than she is worth. If you both agree to ignore Valentine's Day and celebrate on the spur of the moment some other day, you will be much happier overall.

I am going to see Galactic at the Fillmore this weekend. I expect to see you there, Roger, or no more hottie pictures for you.


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