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Monday, January 30, 2006

Work Crap

A couple of "interesting" things are happening at work.

First, they are syncing up Nextel's pay dates with Sprint's pay dates. As it stands now, legacy Nextel employees (me) get paid every two weeks - this Friday being one of them - and are paid current. Any adjustments such as overtime will appear in the next check. Legacy Sprint employees get paid every two weeks on the Friday we don't get paid, and they are paid one week behind.

In order to sync up, they are postponing our pay for March 3 to March 10 to match Sprint. That means three weeks between paychecks for legacy Nextel employees. Basically, it would be like we were hired anew and had to wait three weeks for our first paycheck. That in and of itself sucks ass, though we do have the option of taking a "loan" on our pay on the 3rd and "paying it back" either on the 10ths check or over five pay periods. I should be OK, though I know others who are going to take that "loan". What really pisses me off is the timing. They are performing this action on a check that amounts to a "rent check" for a lot of people. Some jackass number cruncher must have decided this would be a good idea. Like the same thing couldn't have been done in the middle of the month? May Mr. number cruncher and cohorts have a shitty 2006!

In other news, they moved our group to the next building today. The new place irritates the hell out of me. When you walk into the area, it is like a morgue. Not a sound can be heard. Our old spot was on a floor with a good amount of background noise, being a call center and all. Our group could be our normal loud selves and no one would complain. Now, we are going to have to deal with some asshole manager saying we are too loud. (The group that we traded spots with confirmed this.) Well, you know what? Too fucking bad. We talk to each other. We laugh out loud. We are a pretty happy bunch. Those bastards had better get used to us, because we aren't changing. Put some earplugs in your side-holes and continue in your pathetic world of blissful, boring silence, ya puss-heads!

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