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Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patty’s Day (Or So what? I’d be going to this concert anyway.)

Tonight is the Dark Star Orchestra concert at Cervante’s (although Da Pickl will need to be in the venue with water in hand before he believes that the show isn’t at Quixote’s.) Also appearing (and this will be cool) is the Dead’s old time touring mates the New Riders of the Purple Sage. I hope DSO performs a recreation instead of a free form show. I always like guessing what the show is (or what the year is, at least.) I will be taking a notebook with me so I can take copious notes.

Driving to work today, as I was going over I-25 on Yosemite, some lady who was slightly ahead of me in the right lane began swerving into my lane as we were rounding the curve. I hit my breaks to avoid being hit and the lady corrected her course. Driving along, I noticed that this dude in my rearview mirror was flipping me off. He was tailgating me so I would be sure to see that middle stink finger. Unfortunately he turned off, because I was ready to pull over, grab my Club, and start wailing on him while yelling “Pay attention on your fucking surroundings, asshole! Didn’t you see that lady swerve and nearly hit me? And STOP TAILGATING, you stupid shit-and-sperm-incrusted dickhole!” And then I would put the u-shaped part of the Club on his throat and push down.

Do you think the "U" part would crush someone's windpipe? Posted by Picasa

OK, maybe I wouldn’t have done all that. But it made me feel good to imagine it. The happy bluegrass of Cosmic Bowling League calmed me down, and I wished the dude a shitty weekend. I really hope Karma bitch-slaps the dude hard.

On to lighter stuff: I did buy the MacBook Pro (2.0 Ghz Intel Duo Core). And I did it exactly as I said I would. I got drunk, called up Da Pickl, and had him order it for me using his work discount. I saved about $200. The only downside is I have to wait until the second week of April to get it. I think the delay is worth saving two hundred bucks, though. Plus, my nipples will be even harder once the package finally arrives. The thing cost more than my bonus, but I cashed in some options to cover some of that. Now I can buy software and accessories.

The ex will be paying me a visit this weekend so she can update her resume. “Will you be getting a hummer?” you might ask. The answer is no. (Stupid Mormons)


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