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Thursday, February 23, 2006

That's Not Taken???

So I went to my local liquor store today to buy some - um - liquor. As I was driving back to my apartment, I noticed this white van parked at the place next door to the liquor store. On the side and back of the van was a sign that said "Put On Your O-Face" with www.oface.com underneath the slogan.

Now, the van and the slogan were no surprise. The big surprise was the web address. I thought to myself, "How the hell did they get THAT IP address? It HAS to be already owned!" (if you are a maroon and don't know where "o-face" comes from, go here or here or here (the best!).)

Anyway, I had to see the web address to see what was truly up. Sure enough, it was the new address for the porn shop. Again: HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET THAT ADDRESS???" I think it is hilarious the own it. SWEET!!! (I may have to visit now - or should I order on-line from a place that is a quarter mile away?)

Anyway, they have a "Show Us Your O-Face" page, It starts out with some of the local strippers (here's one),

O-Face Posted by Picasa

then shows real people O-Facing.

C'mon Everyone - Put On Your O-Face!!!!!

P.S. I will update with a picture of the store-front (if I can remember to take my camera to my next liquor store visit.)

(OK, I've decided. I'm off to get my O-Face on...)


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