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Thursday, September 21, 2006



I always start out my birthday listening to "Birthday" by the Beatles from the White Album. I have been doing that since freshman year in college. It might be stupid, but I like it.

I look out the window to confirm what I already know: It's raining. The weather always turns on my birthday. In the past, it would frequently be the first signs of snow of the season. Now that the climate is growing warmerm, I have been getting mostly rain. My mom says it is because I was born in a Nor'Easter. She also says she can always tell it is my birthday by looking out the window.

I sit at 40 twice divorced with no girlfriend. I guess I'm OK with that. I also have a 'roid that is still bothering me and frequent back problems. And I am a big fat piece of crap. I guess I'm OK with that too. My job is starting to really suck ass - I'm not really OK with that. If I had more money, I might have decided go through a mid-life crisis. As I don't, I'll just keep truckin' on.

I'm going to Florida next week to visit my friend Da_Pickl. We'll be seeing George Clinton one night, seeing Son-of-Hender, her husband Todd, and baby Kate another, and Florida hotties the rest of the time. There WILL BE NO hurricanes. I can't wait.

That's it. Here is a hottie picture for Roger (and me):