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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Poker For Charity

I competed in the Katrina Relief charity tournament last night on PokerStars. This was the first of four charity tournaments organized by Wil Wheaton. Of the $5 entry fee, $4.99 went to the relief fund, which was matched by PokerStars. The other 1 cent went to the prize pool. (By the way, does anyone out there miss the old "cent" sign (ยข) that were on the old typewriter keyboards?)

Anyway, 2212 people signed up for the tourney, which by my math means that $22,075.76 was raised for this tournament alone. Many of the participants declined to play, so they were "sitting out" at the tables until the blinds took them down. I would estimate anywhere from 500-800 people actually played.

I came in 38th place, which I am damn proud of. I was even sitting at the same table as Mr. Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher on Star Trek TNG) when I busted out. Wil ended up in 20th place. The tournament was a lot of fun. I will probably play in the $20 charity tourney on Wednesday.


Blogger Cosmic said...

Congrats Franklllll! I'm glad you had fun and that you did so well and for a good cause to boot. Cheers to you! -CD

9/14/2005 10:33 PM  

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