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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hockey's Back!

Yes, I am a hockey fan. Hockey ranks even with football as my favorite sport. With the dearth of quality television lately, it is good to be able to switch on a game again. And with ticket prices dropped this year in order to keep the fans going to the games, I hope to catch one or two of them in person.

The Avalanche are my team. Hockey "purists" will claim that I was a bandwagon jumper who only got into hockey because the Avs won the Stanley Cup in the first year after moving from Quebec. Well, you can bite my shiny metal ass. I was into hockey long before that. I knew the rules when the Avs came to town, and I could follow the game. The only thing missing was a team that I could see and follow on a regular basis.

Anyway, while the lockout seems to have helped knock hockey out of the "Top 4" sports echelon in the US, we fans are still here to cheer our teams on. ESPN is no longer carrying the games, but OLN (Outdoor Life Network) has picked them up, and will be showing select games every Monday and Tuesday nights. Plus, the Altitude Network (owned by Stan Kroenke - owner of the Avs and the Nuggets) will be showing all of the games except eleven. Those eleven will either be aired by OLN or NBC. In other words, I can watch all 82 games the Avs play this season. WOO HOO!!!

The New Rules: I like just about all the new rules. Hopefully they will continue to increase scoring. I also like the new overtime rules - a shootout after a 5 minute overtime period. There are no longer tie games in hockey.

Now here is a rule that bugs me: If a team makes it to overtime and loses, they get a point. This is leftover from the rule change from a few years ago, when they added the overtime loss point in an attempt to cut down on the amount of ties and make overtime more exciting. I didn't think it made sense back then. It rewarded failure, in my view. And for sure it doesn't make sense now. With no ties at all, you are now giving a team a point JUST FOR MAKING IT TO OVERTIME. Win in overtime:2 pts. Lose in overtime: 1 pt. It makes no sense. I hope they change that rule before the next year. Maybe my complaining will help.

OK - enough of this rambling post.

GO AVS!!!!

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