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Friday, September 23, 2005

Productive Day - I Now Have Links

So, I decided I needed to start some kind of links list. After digging, I found that the template I am using (which I think is hele-cool for now) doesn't have that option. I was forced to start playing with the code. Ahhhh - FINALLY a use for the HTML classes I took years ago, of which I promptly forgot everything I "learned" one minute after the class.

It seems that I figured it out. I had to change all the sidebar headings, because they were GIFs initially. As they didn't have a gif on this template for "Links", I had to modify.

I wanted to call the "links" something else, like: "Check This Shit Out Or You Are A Loser Who Deserves To Watch 'The Simple Life' For Eternity". But that wouldn't fit. Any suggestions for a better word than "Link" would be appreciated.

I guess it is good that my crown didn't fit...


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