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Monday, April 17, 2006


(Dammit. I have to type this all over again. I was almost done, too.)

OK. So I am on vacation. Work can bite my shiny metal ass for a week. “Are you going anywhere?” I heard that all last week. The answer is “no”. This is a mental break vacation. I haven’t had any significant time off since I was in Florida (1, 2) last year.

I am going to be quite busy this vacation, though. Along with playing poker and World of Warcraft, I am going to be filling up the iPod for Da_Pickl’s road trip to a wedding in Texas, burning Dead shows for Caleb, and cleaning my apartment.

Da_Pickl volunteered me for a bar poker tournament Wednesday night. That day will be a sober one for me (but not a sober night) as I have to drive to Castle Rock during rush hour. Still, it is always a good time, and I get to sleep in the next morning.

And, I get to go to visit Roger in Boulder Thursday or Friday. The plan is to have a couple of beers at the bar patio of Roger’s choice, shoot the shit, and ogle hotties.

I had also planned to do one practical task a day – to seem a bit productive. So far I am failing. Perhaps I’ll do a load of laundry.

So I decided to check Dr. Pauly’s poker blog this morning. Pauly had been on a blogging hiatus due to burnout, but with his 2nd place finish last night (which is the best he’s done in a tourney in a ling time), I figured he would post something about it. In his entry he had a link to the WPBT POY standings (that means World Poker Blogger Tour Player Of the Year, Roger). I clicked on it to see the list and this is what I found:

Yup. That is me in 6th place. It came as quite a surprise. I had heard about the WPBT POY through Pauly’ blog and other blogs I read. I thought you had to sign up. I didn’t because the tournaments included games I don’t play, such as HORSE and Omaha. Plus, I really don’t have a poker blog. So, I guess that the two tournaments I entered that were part of the race entered me. (Did you notice that? TWO tournaments and I am in 6th. Did you notice? Did ya?) I’ll be dropping as more tourneys are played, but it is cool to capture the moment.

Speaking yet again of Dr. Pauly, I have a new “job”. You’ll dig this, Roger. He asked me to contribute to his Phish blog : Coventry: A Phish Blog. All I did was tell him that I posted a review of Galactic (he is a Galactic fan). I don’t know if he read that review, but he did read my Keller Williams review. I guess that did it. I am tasked to write concert reviews and music musings. I am excited and nervous about this. It is one thing to write a review for Roger (and the other .25 people that read this blog). It is completely different writing for the Dr. Pauly blogging empire. I just hope that I can contribute in a positive way. In will still try to be me, don’t worry.

Here is a hottie picture for Roger - aka Anonymous: The Picky One:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is YUMMY!!!!! Thank you, sir!!!!!

4/17/2006 8:31 PM  

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